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  • Visibility and Reach:
    Showcase your groundbreaking products and services to a European audience, increasing your international visibility within the ACE community platform. Find out more or register immediately on the ACE Community platform here!

  • Pilot Opportunities:
    Companies can seize the unique opportunity to apply and test their cutting-edge products (TRL 7-8 or more) or services in real-world testing environments (pilot sites) supported by the ACE project.
    PLEASE NOTE: Companies wishing to test their solution(s) on a pilot site must apply on or before July 31st 2024. Find out more!

Care organizations can apply to become a pilot site for testing and implementing new innovations rated TRL 7 or higher, not yet available in your region, while contributing to the advancement of healthcare practices. Find out more!

  • Access to Innovations:
    Explore and access cutting-edge solutions and services from the North Sea Region, tailored to meet the evolving needs of care organizations and end users. Find out more!

  • Networking:
    Connect with like-minded companies, potential collaborators, and care institutions looking for transformative homecare solutions. Register on the ACE Community platform now!

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Accelerating Homecare Together

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The ACE Community Platform is your gateway to a collaborative ecosystem, strategically designed to connect and accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions in the North Sea region's homecare landscape. Funded by the ACE project, our platform brings together care providers, companies, and other homecare stakeholders striving to enhance safety, independence, and the overall quality of care services for users.

About the ACE Project

The ACE project is strengthening the North Sea region’s homecare ecosystem, connecting care providers and companies to foster safety and independence for care users with improved services. This collaboration of 14 partner organizations from six European countries (Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, and Germany) is defining and expediting all innovative technologies that support older adults at home, while also supporting care service providers in adapting to emerging technologies and new ways of working.