FOODRUS: Reducing food waste

31 Jan – 1 Feb 2024 | Cordovilla, Spain

31 January 2024 - 1 February 2024

31191 Cordovilla, Spain

FOODRUS: Reducing food waste

Welcome to the FOODRUS: Reducing food waste event!

Next 31 January and 1 February 2024 we will celebrate in Cordovilla, Navarra, the last event of the FoodRUs project held in Spain , grouping the national and regional workshop and the open day in a two-day event addressed to the different agents of the food value chain.

This event is framed within the European project FoodRUs of the Horizon2020 call, aimed at creating resilient local food systems in Europe by developing various circular solutions and testing them in 3 pilots (Spain, Denmark and Slovakia) to reduce food losses and waste along the agri-food value chain.

The objectives of this event are:

  • To present European and national regulations and strategies for the prevention of food losses and waste.

  • To raise awareness of the challenges of the obligations fulfilment for the food value chain actors and clusters.

  • To show how the solutions developed in the framework of the FoodRUs project can help to solve some of those challenges.

  • To advance the steps taken by a project partner region, in this case Catalonia, to define a roadmap to replicate the FoodRUs model.

In addition, during the afternoon of 1 February, a B2B meeting space will be provided in which each participant will be able to arrange 20-minute meetings to get to know the details of the FoodRUs solutions or companies whose business model prevents food waste in order to explore possible ways of collaboration.

Register now to secure your attendance and learn about the work done in the 4 years of the project.

See you on 31 January and 1 February!