European Maritime Day 2024

30–31 May 2024 | Svendborg, Denmark


Friday, 31 May 2024 | 15:00 - 16:15

WS B-9. Planning & Implementing Equality in Blue Economy

Workshop (room Lok 106 - floor 1)
88 participants


  • Margherita Zorgno, SBEP-Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership Secretariat

  • Giuseppe Saija, EUKNOW, Belgium

  • Luca Marangoni, European Commission, DG Mare

  • Patrizia Grifoni, WINBLUE Coordinator

  • Helena Vieira, WIN-BIG coordinator

  • Ana Rotter, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

  • Jenny O'Leary, Marine Institute, Ireland

  • Laurence Martin, Federazione del Mare and Cofitarma, Italy

  • Mariana Mata Lara, Sustainable Projects, Germany

  • Ernesta Grigalionyte-Bembic, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

  • Sabina Jez, University of Siena, Italy

  • Sarah Tamulski, Sustainable Project, Germany

  • Rebecca Zammit, Acrosslimit, Malta


The workshop is organised by the WINBLUE and the WIN-BIG projects in the framework of the European Maritime Day 2024. It aims to engage different stakeholders and projects related to the Blue Economy to exchange knowledge and identify actions enabling Women’s empowerment and mainstreaming equality in the Blue Economy.

The first session will introduce the challenges related to the inclusion process of women into this sector, and will give information about the WINBLUE and WIN-BIG projects.

Participants are also invited to play an active role in the second session, which will explore a Gender Knowledge mapping, will discuss the processes to establish a systematic data collection, even after the end of the two projects, and the process that may facilitate the creation of equality and inclusive plans in the public and private organisations and good practices.

The discussion will be facilitated using a participatory approach. There will be facilitators for managing the triggering questions (predefined) and the discussion. At the end, the rapporteurs will present the conclusions and highlights.

12 speakers