Demo Day 2024

11 Jun 2024 | München, Germany

11 June 2024

80797 München, Germany

Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5

Munich Urban Colab

Demo Day 2024

Welcome to the Start-up Demo Day 2024!

Join us for an innovation-driven day with stirring start-up pitches, fantastic networking opportunities, and exciting speakers at the Start-up Demo Day TechFounders & XPRENEURS by UnternehmerTUM.

Enter an inspiring event with selected members of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, investors and established companies, and meet the most promising international high-tech start-ups from the TechFounders accelerator and XPRENEURS incubator programs, developing in the fields of Built Environment, AI, Sustainability, and Deep-Tech.

📅 When? Tuesday, June 11, 2024 // 2.00 pm - 9.00 pm

📍 Where? at Munich Urban Colab, Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5, 80797 Munich

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What We Have in Store for You

Whether you are on the lookout for your next portfolio start-up, investor or project partner - Start-up Demo Day is all about providing an ideal setting for forging transformative connections


Meet with like-minded individuals in your field. Establish meaningful relationships that offer opportunities for mutual growth and development in your business endeavours.

🤝 Build Strategic Alliances & Brand Awareness 📣

Make lasting connections that extend beyond the event with potential partners, clients, mentors, and experts.


Start-up Demo Day offers an exceptional opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology and innovation trends across various industries - and more importantly, provides a glimpse at what's on the horizon.

✨ Spark Your Inspiration 💭

Get new impulses from our expert speakers who are at the forefront of their field, exchange and learn from other attendees, and leave with new ideas and motivation to achieve your goals.

Key Topics of the Event

During the event, start-ups from TechFounders and XPRENEURS programs will pitch in four topic clusters:

🚀 Start-up Pitch Clusters 🚀

#1 Crafting Sustainable Spaces: Built Environment Innovations

#2 Charting New Horizons: AI Solutions Ahead

#3 Creating a Greener Tomorrow: Sustainability in Action

#4 Challenging the Status-Quo: Deep-Tech at the Forefront

🎙 Keynote Speaker: Dominik Duscher

Chief Scientific Officer at Tomorrowlabs | Owner Longevity Center Munich | Plastic Surgeon | Bestseller Author | Consultant

Dominik Duscher LinkedIn

PD Dr. Dr. med. Dominik Duscher

Dominik is a renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeon, scientist, bestselling author, consultant, and entrepreneur. Serving as the Program Director for Applied Longevity Medicine at the University of Regensburg, Germany, he is a leading figure in the field. He operates private practices in Munich and Vienna and is the visionary behind the Longevity Center Munich, Europe's pioneering clinic dedicated to longevity medicine.

With a primary research focus on optimizing cell function in aging and diabetes, Dominik boasts numerous patents, over 150 scientific publications, and bestselling books on regenerative medicine and aging research. His groundbreaking work in skin and hair regeneration led to the establishment of the biotech company Tomorrowlabs. He also holds a stake in MoleQlar, a company specializing in longevity supplements.

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🤝 Event Sponsors

Check out our incredible sponsors who are driving innovation and making this event possible

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Start-up Demo Day is organized by UnternehmerTUM subbrands TechFounders and XPRENEURS


Europe’s Leading Center for Innovation and Business Creation

UnternehmerTUM is a unique platform for the development of innovations. UnternehmerTUM actively identifies innovative technologies and initiates new business through the systematic networking of talents, technologies, capital and customers.


The Catalyst for Global Corporate-Start-up Alliances

TechFounders specializes in strategic partnerships between corporates and start-ups through various venture clienting, targeted start-up scouting and acceleration services. We prioritize addressing the unique needs of each corporate and start-up, with a focus on maximizing the effectiveness of their collaboration


Supporting Tech Start-ups on Their Way to Market Entry

XPRENEURS empowers new high-tech businesses transforming technology into traction. XPRENEURS incubator program is designed for high-tech entrepreneurs to sharpen their business model, develop a market entry strategy, find their first customers and get prepared for their first investment.

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