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We at DotYourSpot are dedicated to helping everyone within the hospitality industry by developing a platform that will link all our services into a single product, meeting all hospitality needs.

Owners and guests will benefit from our service, both directly and indirectly. Guests will be able to order and pay for their drinks as well as food, order room service, etc., all within minutes by using their phones. Furthermore, owners will get an easier way of managing their business through the Reservation Management System, Inventory System, QR Order&Pay, and other services that provide them with big data analysis and other functionalities crucial for running a successful business in a much simpler way.

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  • PartnershipUpdated on 26 August 2023

    Payment Provider Partnership / Consulting

    We are developing an all-in-one platform for owners in the hospitality industry, and within it, we are creating our own QR Order&Pay system.

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    Zlatko Kovačić

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