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Genos is a Croatian biotechnology company and a world leader in glycan research and and precision medicine. Genos has analysed over 150,000 individual glycomes, with a current pace of around 30,000 analyses per year.

GlycanAge UK was incorporated in 2016 as a commercial spinout of Genos, to accelerate the shift from reactive to proactive health through glycan biomarkers. Changing more than a decade before CVD events, hypertension, insulin resistance, and menopause, glycans are a dark horse in the race to longevity and the key to unlocking this multi-trillion dollar industry. GlycanAge has packaged the best-in-class solution to measure biological aging into a simple take-home blood test.

Genos and GlycanAge UK contribute to women's health through scientific research on MenoAge - a personalized health monitoring blood test for women undergoing perimenopause. MenoAge is unique for its glycan technology developed in the laboratory Genos. IgG glycans integrate the effect of sex hormone fluctuations over several weeks, potentially making them the first HbA1c-type biomarker for early signs of health deterioration associated with perimenopause.

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Julija Jurić

Research Manager and Product development specialist

Genos Ltd

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    Genos Glycoprofiling services

    Genos is the world´s largest high-throughput glycan analysis laboratory.


    Julija Jurić

    Research Manager and Product development specialist at Genos Ltd

    Zagreb, Croatia