CIVITAS Forum 2024

1–3 Oct 2024 | Parma, Italy

CIVITAS Forum 2024

1 October 2024 - 3 October 2024|

Parma, Italy

The CIVITAS Forum is back!

The CIVITAS Forum makes its return with a dynamic three-day conference, serving as the flagship event of the CIVITAS Initiative. Since its creation in 2003, the CIVITAS Forum has become an essential platform for participants to learn from leaders and experts of sustainable and smart mobility. It also promotes the sharing of ideas and helps build relationships among important players involved in transforming urban mobility across Europe.

The CIVITAS Forum 2024 will take place in the picturesque city of Parma, Italy, from 1-3 October 2024. It will focus on how the CIVITAS community is shaping the future of urban mobility and contributing to the mobility renaissance! Typically attracting around 600 attendees, the conference will see participation from a diverse group of stakeholders including city representatives, policymakers, practitioners, planners, academics, and mobility enthusiasts.

Join the Mobility Renaissance!
Just as the Renaissance period witnessed a profound reimagining of cultural norms and societal paradigms, today's urban landscape requires a similarly innovative approach to mobility, one that transcends traditional transportation models and embraces a holistic view of urban development. The very act of moving from point A to point B has always been a catalyst for change, adaptation, exploration, and discovery. Today, however, the concept of mobility encompasses much more. It's about weaving together sustainability, inclusivity, technology, and community engagement to create a transportation system that serves not just as a means of getting from one place to another, but as a cornerstone of a thriving future. This holistic understanding of mobility forms the foundation for the CF2024 conference streams, each addressing different facets of this multifaceted landscape.