BlueInvest Africa 2024

3–4 Jul 2024 | Diani, Kwale County, Kenya

BlueInvest Africa 2024

Success stories

The 2022 edition of BlueInvest Africa served as a fertile ground for innovative and inspiring projects, highlighting the richness and diversity of entrepreneurship in the African blue economy sector. Among the notable successes, we saw initiatives ranging from the promotion of marine renewable energy to sustainable fishing practices, as well as solutions for eco-friendly maritime transport and the development of coastal tourism.

These projects, driven by passionate and visionary entrepreneurs, not only demonstrated their economic viability but also made a significant contribution to the preservation of marine ecosystems and the well-being of coastal communities. Their positive impact continues to inspire and guide the ambitions of the 2024 edition.

Featured success stories

Discover inspiring tales of innovation and impact. Highlighting breakthroughs in the blue economy from past BlueInvest Africa events, these narratives showcase entrepreneurs and SMEs who have transformed sustainable fishing, aquaculture, and marine energy. Their journeys embody not just economic success but a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and community upliftment.

  1. Atarec Morocco: Oussama Nour, co-founder of Moroccan start-up Atarec, was the very first BlueInvest Africa 2022 pitcher. What he got out of the experience: a huge boost in visibility for his Wave-bBeat wave generator project, currently being tested in the port of Tangiers.
  1. Port of Cotonou: Two years ago, the Port of Cotonou embarked on an extensive programme of expansion and modernisation. This initiative, backed by the European Union and forged in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp, aims to uphold Cotonou's pivotal status on international shipping routes whilst steadfastly prioritising sustainable development.