Your Event Is Drawing People. Why Not Connect Them?
Tess Kessler

So you’ve planned an event and your invitees are quickly becoming attendees. Step one, complete; you’ve created an enticing event. But how can you manage your growing number of attendees to ensure that they’ll leave your event with more than just a few hours of small talk under their belts? Everyday, more and more companies are looking towards matchmaking as a means of connecting their events’ attendees in a more meaningful, profitable way. Business matchmaking is practically synonymous with “business speed-dating”; it’s fast, easy, and cuts straight to the point. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why matchmaking will undoubtedly improve the outcome of your next event.

Attendee Satisfaction

When hosting an event of any sort, all can agree that the participants’ experience is of utmost importance; your guests cleared their schedules for this event, so their satisfaction must be prioritized. Business conferences and expos can draw thousands of attendees to their events, which are often limited to a few hours to a couple of days. Getting the opportunity to converse with, let alone even locate, the attendees of your choice can be especially difficult in such a large population with so little time. However, rest assured, for business matchmaking certifies that every minute of an attendee’s schedule is worthwhile. With matchmaking, event attendees have the ability to plan meetings in advance, ensuring that they will have spoken with all business members they so desire to. No more wasting time during events or leaving having wished you met with someone; matchmaking guarantees participants the opportunity to connect with others in order to potentially foster valuable business relationships.

It Gets To The Point

The traditional business meeting can drone on and on until it seems as if the jist of the conversation might never come. Just like speed-dating, business matchmaking permits those engaged a limited amount of time, time that can’t be wasted with small talk or tip-toeing around the point. With prearranged time slots with the attendees you prefer, meetings are sure to quickly prove worthwhile or not. With brief meetings, participants can talk with more people in shorter amounts of time, more than they could during a traditional-style business event.

See Who You’re Dealing With Beforehand

Business matchmaking lets participants plan meetings with other attendees in advance in order to make the best of their time at your event. Being exposed to a list of attendees beforehand gives people the ability to investigate their options. What qualifications does this attendee have? What companies have they been involved with? How can they benefit my cause? When attendees can research other attendees in advance and answer these common questions, even more time can be focused on what’s important come event day. Already have a meeting scheduled with an attendee but research shows that maybe you’re not as compatible with said person as you originally thought? No problem, matchmaking allows you to cancel and reschedule meetings prior to the event.

It Increases Event Value

Business conferences are neither new nor exciting; participants can often expect long speeches, a lack of effective organization, and tons of attendees but little time to seek out those of interest. On the contrary, business matchmaking is relatively new concept and thus, an intriguing one to many. By employing matchmaking at your next conference, not only will your attendees profit from their experiences, but they will be far more inclined to buy tickets in the first place. Business matchmaking provides participants with more bang for their buck, which increases the overall value of your event. Greater value means more tickets sold, and more tickets sold means more attendees to network with.

It Reflects Well On The Organizer

By now, it’s obvious how matchmaking benefits the attendee, but what about the host? Business matchmaking does wonders for a host company’s reputation. Not only will satisfied participants attend future events, but they’ll spread the word to their friends, families, and business associates about your impressive execution. Ideally, your event will profit from greater sized audiences after each successful event in the future. Even better, in a high-speed world, companies will value the advanced nature of the business matchmaking technique and plan your events over typical business events.