Replacing Small Talk With Real Networking at Your Event
Onur Mete

Presumably, you have visited an event which offered so-called networking sessions, where attendees are busier snatching what’s remaining of the buffet rather than having meaningful conversations. Maybe you even know someone who has offered lukewarm networking sessions at their events. Maybe, (only maybe) this person is you?

As an event professional, you want to offer the best possible experience for your attendees. We believe that networking during an event is the single most powerful and productive activity your attendees can have during an event. This study says that „Networking and making connections are important to 75% of all respondents, but most important to Gen Y Millennials at 84%, as they’re building their base of contacts.“

We also understand that this task can be a daunting one when you as the event organiser have a million other things to take care of. Simply offering a networking area seems to be the easy way out. We here at b2match have worked with hundreds of event organisers and have come to understand how event networking has to be managed in order to lessen the burden of the organiser and at the same time maximise the outcome for the event participants. The result of all this was our b2match event networking software, which enables attendees to schedule one-to-one meetings and manage their meetings on their own. In the following I will shortly describe the b2match workflow:

1. Event Organiser Profile

At the beginning, the organiser sets up her personal profile, in order to manage all her events and participants

2. Event Website

The next step is setting up the event website, which will be the „front door“ of your event. That’s why we at b2match offer everything you need in order to create beautiful and engaging event websites without writing a single line of code.

3. Registration

Customising the registration form in order to make it fit any event’s needs is pretty straight forward. In addition to some mandatory fields the organiser can define the questions that go into the registration form. Once that is handled, your participants are good to go. Now they can register and put up their profiles and cooperation offers/wishes.

4. Booking Meetings

Now the fun part starts. In the next step participants can browse the list of attendees and send & receive meeting requests. The cool part? The organiser does not have to lift a finger. b2match assigns each meeting to a numbered table.

5. At The Event

The big day is here. All the event organiser has to do is preparing numbered tables. The participants will have their meetings according to their agenda which they receive by email. They can also view their agenda and any event relevant info using the b2match event networking app. All you will see now are handshakes and engaged discussion everywhere.

6. Feedback After The Event

We assume the event was a great success. How to find out? Sending out the customisable event feedback form will get you all the feedback you need in order to find out how the meetings evolved and how you can improve the experience for your participants even further.

Sounds simple, right? Indeed it is. In case you’d like to try out replacing small talk with real networking at your upcoming event, we’d be excited to get it touch with you. For more information please visit or contact me at

Any remarks or ideas? Looking forward to your comments below!