Sneak Peek #1: Setting up your own event and working with co-organisers
Damir Dizdarevic

As we are approaching the launch of the organiser tool with big steps we would like to give a first small sneak peek on some of the main updates.

Get an overview of all your events

After an organiser or co-organiser logs into the Organiser Tool they will get an overview of all events they are organising. This gives you the ability to switch between events without having to log in and out every time. So basically all your event organisation activities will be inside one interface.

Set up your own event

Organisers will finally be able to set up an event up by their own. Simply hit the Create new Event button in your event overview, enter some basic information and your event website is ready to be configured.

Inviting and managing Co-Organisers

We have also improved the way you work with co-organisers. As the owner of an event you can invite co-organisers through the Organiser Tool. The invited co-organisers will automatically receive an invitation email asking them to create an organiser account on b2match. Once they set up an organiser account your invitation will show up in their events overview where they can accept or decline your invitation. As the main organiser, you are able to adapt your co-organisers fields of responsibility.

As the main organiser, you have the ability to change co-organisers abilities and responsibilities.

We are looking forward to releasing the b2match Organiser Tool in early 2017 and we hope we were able to spark your interest a little bit.

Until then, we are wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!