Introducing Our New Brand & Website
Onur Mete

After almost 10 years in the business of event management technology, we here at b2match are excited to introduce our new brand identity, including a fresh logo and a new website.

Why a new branding?

During the last year our team has doubled in size, so we had to encounter inevitable changes within our organization. New faces and resources have not only increased the diversity and potential of our startup, but also the need for consistency. The one big reason we decided to go through the process of rebranding b2match was that we felt that our clients, partners and growing team deserved a coherent environment when working with/on our tool. Further we discovered that we needed to invest more energy into efficiently bringing across the core message of b2match, which is all about efficient and goal-oriented event networking. Each year event professionals all over the globe are connecting tens of thousands of event participants with b2match, so it was just right to improve our communication with our users, as they are the fundament of all our business.

The process

What may look just like a visual rebrush, was a long process of diving into the very core of our company. You can take “diving” literally here, as we started the rebranding process of b2match during a rafting tour in Wildalpen, Austria. Intense team workshops were followed by taking on the fierce currents of the Salza.

Of course it didn’t stop there. For weeks we sat down on a table with brand specialists and consultants (, who helped us challenging our insights, and finally putting them into visible action. After months of sweating we were finally able to see the manifestation of all the hard work. We had a new face, a face that we believe represents best what b2match stands for.

Yes, our appearance has changed and will eventually - together with our clients - evolve even further along the way. What stays the same is our commitment to bringing interactivity to events and providing event professionals with the best possible toolbox which helps them making their attendees´ time worthwhile.

Let us know how you like our new visual identity!