Find the right matchmaking events with b2match's new events site
Damir Dizdarevic

When I joined b2match about a year ago we decided very quickly that we had to create a new visual identity and a clear visual language for b2match. The first things we did to achieve that was to fully redesign our product website and creating this blog.

Now some of our customers have noticed that they could not find any upcoming events powered by b2match anymore on our new site. This was because we took down the old events website and decided to create a completely new one dedicated to our customer’s events.

So today we are proud that we can finally present our new Events Site on

We hope that this site, as part of b2match, will help our organizers to get more attention on their events and also make it easier for event attendees to find events that are interesting for them.

We especially focused on 3 things when redesigning the events site:

1. Putting a spotlight on the event topics

We put a lot of thought on how to categorize and tag our customer’s events. People that visit matchmaking events are usually very interested in specific fields of industry or science. Therefore, it was really important for us to give thematic topics an own place on the events site. Every topic will lead to an own dedicated site, showing all the events that take place in this area. This is great for organizers and event attendees that are only interested in certain fields like Renewable Energy, Automotive Industry or many other.

2. Showing where our events take place

All countries will automatically adjust when you choose a category and vice versa. This way you get a quick overview about which countries hold events for certain industries. This makes it easy for you to get a quick overview of our events while browsing through them.

3. Promoting events and providing important information

We want event organisers to benefit from our new events site. We want to give potential attendees a platform to find events that could be interesting for them and their business. In addition to making events more visible, we also want to provide attendees with all the necessary information about the event.

How to optimize your event for

We added a new feature to the backend. Event Organiser can now add Tags to their events in the backend. These tags will categorize your event and make it more findable. We also use the description text, the location, language and price information as well as the organiser information on the new events site. Make sure that you provide this information in the backend.

We have a lot more cool ideas for the events site that will help our organizer promote their events event better and get more attendees. I would love to hear what you think about the new events site so just send a mail to

We will keep you updated!