Enterprise Europe Network: Launch Conference

Corinne Kasura

Picture: Simon Pugh

From June 8th to 9th, Brussels was teeming with over 800 people from 57 countries attending the Enterprise Europe Network Launch Conference. Enterprise Europe Network (also referred to as the Network) aims to bring together small and medium businesses, both within the European Union and internationally, and assists them in making the most of the European marketplace. An annual event that began in 2008, the goal for this year’s conference was to unite both old and new partners of the Network to strengthen the organization as it looks forward to its next five year chapter.

The event included plenary sessions, workshops, working meetings, and matchmaking. With the assistance of the b2match web platform, approximately 600 participants at the event organized almost 1000 bilateral meetings. Through these one-on-one matchmaking meetings, participants could connect with other small and medium businesses to exchange ideas relating to new market entrances, business growth, and internationalization. These meetings reflected a truly globalized approach as over 97%, or more than 900, were international exchanges.

Another highlight from the conference came from keynote speaker, Nicholas Brusson, co-founder and COO of BlablaCar. In his speech, he spoke on how BlablaCar pushed to become not just a national success but a European success and about the benefits a business achieves from extending their network. He illustrated how thinking on a larger scale from the beginning and pushing to create a business with a broader reach is essential to cultivating both impact and success. This message of expansion was further developed in workshops, which explored how businesses could help each other innovate and how the Network could continue to assist businesses in quality growth.

Overall satisfaction for the event was high. Of the approximately 600 attendees who responded to the post-conference survey, almost 95% reported feeling happy with this year’s Enterprise Europe Network Launch Conference.

For more information on the event, visit Enterprise Europe Network’s website or its event page on b2match.