b2match at The Software Days 2015 / Celtic-Plus Event

Tess Kessler

The Future of Digital Business

From April 27th to the 28th, B2B Software Days and The Celtic Plus Event were both held in Vienna, Austria at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce headquarters. These two major ICT events were conjoined to discuss and contribute to “The Future of Digital Business”. The event was co-hosted by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, the Vienna Business Agency, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Celtic-Plus, all of which provided panels for discussion throughout the event. Structured matchmaking and an organized agenda with key-note presentations from companies like Google and Ercisson allowed for excellent new ICT projects and potential technology ideas for the future.

B2B Meetings Powered by b2match

With approximately 600 participants from over 35 different countries, the event provided a diverse audience ideal for ICT networking. About 400 participants engaged in 850 B2B Meetings organized with the b2match Platform, making the event one of the largest Vienna has seen. Matchmaking at the event permitted the creation of outstanding new ideas in the field of ICT, new business connections, and the ability to schedule future meetings for more in-depth exploration of modern concepts.

Celtic-Plus Exhibition

At the exhibition portion of the event, which took place on Day 2, fifteen Celtic-Plus projects were presented, along with seventeen potential project ideas. The annual Celtic-Plus Awards were held as well, in which various projects were celebrated for their accomplishments in areas of ICT. According to EurekaNetwork.org, the prized Celtic-Plus Innovation Award was granted to Opera-Net’s project, which cut the costs of 2G and 3G networks for over 140 million customers in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Under the category of “Connecting People”, Celtic-Plus also awarded an Excellence Award to CIER for their work in connecting rural areas in Europe and Africa, as reported by EurekaNetwork. A number of other achievements were awarded in ICT-related projects, two of which went to SPECTRA and MediaMap+.