B2B Matchmaking Event at The M2M/IoT Forum CEE 2016 [Video]

Onur Mete

Over the past years, the M2M/IoT Forum evolved to one of the largest hubs for intelligence technology. On June 1314 2016 the M2M/IoT Forum CEE went into its 4th round in the Vienna City Hall. Speakers from all across the world, each of them a specialist in their fields, turned this year’s version of the M2M/IoT Forum into a networking hub for IoT and M2M enthusiasts.

Next to the international keynotes and the exhibition, this year’s event was added by an IoT Ideation Hackathon, where participants were tested their problem-solving skills.

B2B Matchmaking Event

The organizers have again amplified the M2M Forum by an additional networking event, where participants were able to schedule B2B meetings using our b2match event matchmaking tool. The organizers especially appreciated the small amount of workload they had to put into the system, compared to scheduling all the meetings with spreadsheets, as they have done it the previous years. I asked Helmut Blocher from Succus (the event producer) about his opinion on the B2B matchmaking sessions, he simply replied: This really works. Business is happening here!

We are happy having contributed to this amazing event and are congratulating not only the whole organizer team but also their partners and sponsor!