b2b Matchmaking Meetings After a Virtual Event

Long-term business matchmaking sessions are in demand. Read more to find out how it's possible.

b2b Matchmaking Meetings After a Virtual Event

The sign of a successful virtual event is when your attendees ask for more. More time, more meetups, more ideas. Organizers have been getting feedback from participants that they would like to manage more meetings after an event.

How to deliver? Offer up b2match’s long-term matchmaking option. What exactly does this mean? Long-term matchmaking is still a session, however they just last for longer periods of time, for example, a week or a month. It is a period when attendees are able to meet anytime they agree on.

In the b2match event management solution, organizers can incorporate this added benefit at three different opportunities:

  • Before a regular session starts
  • After a regular session is over
  • When the event offers long-term matchmaking only

To promote this highly sought after feature to participants, organizers can:

  • Add a note on the event website and mention that the meetings are now taking place in a longer time span
  • Send attendees a message from the b2match event management platform

What is the participant’s experience? It remains the same as regular virtual meetings, with one exception. In long-term matchmaking, the participants have the flexibility to choose meeting lengths. They use the meeting interface which includes a calendar, messaging for participants to discuss times, and even a time zone management tool. It indicates time windows matching both parties' business hours, in the moment when the meeting is requested.

If you want to incorporate long-term b2b matchmaking into your virtual event

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